UBC Certificate in Practice Education for Health and Human Services

The Certificate in Practice Education for Health and Human Services was offered from January 2005 – June 2011. The curriculum was designed to train health and human service professionals who are involved in the education of students or peers in their practice environments. The program's unique focus is interprofessional collaboration: teamwork and the exchange of knowledge across disciplines and experience levels.

The program emphasized the use of critical thinking, experiential learning, and reflection to help health and human service professionals gain valuable educational skills in their own work settings.

Because health and human services professionals work in a wide range of different settings including rural/remote and small and large urban areas, this program is designed to be accessible, flexible and multi-faceted to support the educational skill development needs of the preceptors, mentors, tutors, and instructors across the continuum of care. It included both face-to-face workshops and online components. In 2008, the program was re-designed to be 100% online.

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Overview of the Curriculum

The curriculum for the UBC Certificate in Practice Education was developed by the UBC College of Health Disciplines (Division of Practice Education), education staff from British Columbia's Health Authorities and UBC Continuing Studies in cooperation with other consulting professionals possessing experience in the field of education for health professionals.

Originally, 5 courses were designed:

  • Learning in the Practice Setting
  • Practice Educators Roles and Competencies
  • Strategies for Interaction
  • Planning for Practice Education
  • Applications for Collaborative Education

These courses were then adapted for online delivery and combined to create three new courses:

  • Strategies for Successful Learning in the Practice Setting
  • Strategies for Interaction: Communication in Health Care
  • Strategies for Planning and Implementing Practice Education

In the six years that the program was offered, 59 students completed the full certificate and a further 37 students participated in one or more of the courses.

Next Steps

The curriculum in this program is now under review in order to ensure it still meets its intended objectives and complements other education opportunities available. For updates and information on new courses for health and human service professionals, please contact Deena Boeck by email or call 604.822.8098.


The British Columbia Ministry of Health Services has supported the development of this certificate program and the delivery of the pilot program in 2005 as the content is strongly aligned with the strategic objectives of the health care system.



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