One Day @ UBC

One Day @ UBC

Experience Some of the Best of UBC

Offered on Saturdays in the fall and winter terms at the UBC Point Grey campus, One Day @ UBC single-day courses provide easy and affordable access to top experts in their field - and the small class size ensures ample opportunities for discussion. One Day @ UBC courses can be applied toward a UBC Certificate in Liberal Studies.

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Course Name
Calling Cartographers: Learn Open Source Geographic Information Systems (UP944)   
Cool Canadian History (UP927)   
Diabetes: How Interactions between our Genes and Environment Cause a Global Epidemic (UP949)   
Does God Exist? (UP928)   
Egypt and the Bible: Cultural Contact in Literature, Religion and Art (UP936)   
Egyptomania: The Fascination with Ancient Egypt, from the Romans to Modern Science Fiction (UP918)   
Fight or Flight, or Frenzy? How to Manage Stress and Find Meaning in a Demanding World (UP940)   
Great Economists of the Past: Smith, Marx, Keynes (UP923)   
Introduction to Virtual Reality (UP917)   
Jumpstart Your Writing (UP920)   
Literary Travellers: Travel Writing by Serious Writers (UP921)   
Marine Ecology of the BC Coast (UP919)   
Navigating Global Politics in the 21st Century (UP925)   
Object Lessons, Object Questions: A One Day Experiment @ MOA (UP948)   
Oceanography: the Blue Planet (UP937)   
Poetry in Crisis (UP941)   
Politics, Literature and Painting through Three Women of the 20th Century: Evita Peron, Gabriela Mistral and Frida Kahlo (UP945)   
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (UP924)   
Separating the Wheat from the Chaff – How Can We Best Produce our Food? (UP942)   
Sleep: Your Other Life (UP946)   
Socrates and the Buddha: Ancient Philosophies in Dialogue (UP938)   
Stoicism: The Ancient Greek Philosophy of Living Well (UP926)   
The History of the Italian Language in One Day (UP939)   
Thor and Company: Old Norse Mythology through the Ages (UP943)   
Topics in World History, 1945-2001 (UP947)   
Truth and Reconciliation in Canada and Calls to Action (UP922)