International Preparatory Programs (IPP)

The University of British Columbia (UBC) and UBC Continuing Studies recognize that international students are faced with academic and cultural challenges when applying to and studying in Canadian or American university programs. Prepare for undergraduate or post-graduate study with our International Preparatory Programs (IPP).

If you are preparing for undergraduate study in Canada or the US, you may be interested in the International Undergraduate Study Preparation Program (IUSPP).

If you are preparing for post-graduate study in Canada or the US, you may be interested in either the International Graduate Study Preparation Program (IGSPP) or the International Graduate Study Introductory Program (IGSIP). New in 2015, IGSPP graduates now have the option of taking part in 2 months of unpaid, full-time internship experience.

Each of these full-time pre-bachelors or pre-masters programs take place at the scenic UBC campus in Vancouver, Canada.

If you are a high school student 15- to 18-years old and looking for a summer pre-university program, you may want to consider Experience University Life at UBC (EUL) or Future Global Leaders (FGL).