Online Community Management

UBC Award of Achievement Program

The UBC Award of Achievement in Community Management is your opportunity to gain insights into the tools and techniques of community management and hear industry stories from leading experts in the field. Community Management roles can be found in a range of companies from eCommerce to high-tech to non-profit; Hootsuite and Yelp are two examples.

The program introduces you to what a career as an online community manager is all about:

  • cultivating client/customer relationships
  • building and strengthening internal and external networks
  • activating evangelists and advocating for their users
  • supporting and retaining customers
  • monitoring and improving customer retention and happiness
  • fostering connections with the community.

By looking at the skills and capabilities needed for this role, the program provides you with a solid framework on how to create community, champion your customer’s value to your organization, facilitate your community’s growth, evaluate the success of a community, and integrate a governance model for managing crisis.

  • Delivered part-time at UBC Robson Square
  • Requires completion of four courses within two years
  • Courses can be taken individually or as part of the award of achievement program
  • Costs C$2,450
  • By the end of this program, you will be able to translate the value of your community within the organization and evaluate key performance indicators to attain business goals.

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