Agile and Lean

"Taking the Agile and Scrum courses has brought me new clarity in understanding the relationships between people, processes, and products."
Anne Sproull
Student, UBC Award of Achievement in Agile Leadership
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Transform the performance of your team with agile and lean principles. Agile and lean methodologies can be used beyond traditional software and product development to guide change and process improvements across an organization.

Programs include Certificate in Agile Leadership, Award of Achievement in DevOps Adoption, Associate Certificate in Agile Business Analysis Fundamentals, Certificate in Project Management (part-time) with a specialization in Agile Leadership option and a new eworkshop on Virtual Team Management

All courses in this program are taught by consultant and speaker Dave Sharrock. Dave is a Certified Enterprise Coach, Certified Scrum Trainer, and Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant, and the only person in Canada to hold all three designations.

The Mastering Virtual Teams Soft Skills eWorkshop is taught by consultant and author Dr. Howard B. Esbin. Howard is the creator of Prelude Suite™, a virtual project team resource that fosters trust and collaboration through a unique experiential process.

Classes take place at UBC Robson Square in downtown Vancouver.

Courses and Programs



Project Management - Part-Time

UBC Certificate Program
The UBC Certificate in Project Management part-time program is designed for experienced professionals, project team leads and team members who want to build their knowledge and skills in project management to more effectively plan, collaborate and execute projects. Specializations include: Agile Leadership, Business Analysis and Strategic Leadership. LEARN MORE

Agile Business Analysis Fundamentals

UBC Associate Certificate Program
Gain key skills and techniques to become more productive with Agile, including how to work with Agile teams. Identify business drivers for Agile change. LEARN MORE

Agile Leadership

UBC Award of Achievement Program
Agile is changing how teams design, develop, and deliver products in the software industry and beyond. Taught by certified instructors, the UBC Award of Achievement in Agile Leadership offers training and applied learning in Agile methods and processes. Develop skills to lead and support Agile teams by learning key...  LEARN MORE

DevOps Adoption

UBC Award of Achievement Program
Gain the skills to successfully achieve a DevOps delivery model. development. DevOps incorporates elements of Agile, Lean, and ITSM to speed up product deployment, meet user requirements, and reduce costs. LEARN MORE