Liberal Arts and Sciences

Gain new insights, engage in lively discussions, and develop your own informed opinions on a wide array of subjects.

Our offerings include an ever-changing variety of courses in arts, humanities, history, literature, music and public affairs taught by UBC professors and other leading experts. Find out more about topics you have always wanted to explore with the interdisciplinary perspective that liberal studies affords.

Courses and Programs


Course Name
Calling Cartographers: Learn Open Source Geographic Information Systems (UP944)   
Canada at 150: Past and Present Achievements (UP882)   
Canada at 150: Present and Future Challenges (UP883)   
Creative Collaboration (UP734)   
Creative Thinking: Theory and Practice (UP714)   
Critical Thinking: Theory and Practice (UP500)   
Diabetes: How Interactions between our Genes and Environment Cause a Global Epidemic (UP949)   
Does God Exist? (UP928)   
Egypt and the Bible: Cultural Contact in Literature, Religion and Art (UP936)   
Fight or Flight, or Frenzy? How to Manage Stress and Find Meaning in a Demanding World (UP940)   
Great Art and Strange Politics: Ancient Greece to the Present (UP952)   
Great Piano Concertos (UP953)   
How Artists Think: An Introduction to Formal Analysis (UP950)   
Ideas of Immortality (UP954)   
International Scene: Perspectives on World Events and Politics (UP030)   
Introduction to Critical Thinking (UP702)   
Masterpieces of Russian Literature (UP933)   
Not Allowed: The History of Censorship in the Arts (UP930)   
Object Lessons, Object Questions: A One Day Experiment @ MOA (UP948)   
Poetry in Crisis (UP941)   
Politics, Literature and Painting through Three Women of the 20th Century: Evita Peron, Gabriela Mistral and Frida Kahlo (UP945)   
Powerful Women in Italian Renaissance Art (UP932)   
Separating the Wheat from the Chaff – How Can We Best Produce our Food? (UP942)   
Sleep: Your Other Life (UP946)   
Socrates and the Buddha: Ancient Philosophies in Dialogue (UP938)   
Strathcona: Vancouver's Oldest and Newest Neighbourhood (UP934)   
The Heights: Hills, Bumps and Real Estate (UP935)   
The History of the Italian Language in One Day (UP939)   
Thor and Company: Old Norse Mythology through the Ages (UP943)   
Topics in World History, 1945-2001 (UP947)   
Unreasonable Facsimile: The History of Art Forgeries (and The Art Detectives Who Discovered Them) (UP951)   


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