Life and Career Development

Lil Lim-Reyes, Client, Career Transition Strategies program

Conveniently located in downtown Vancouver and open to everyone, our Life and Career services, courses and programs support people across their lifespan to build practical people skills, cultivate self-awareness, and access resources that support career and personal success.

Individuals, groups and workplace teams benefit from the interactive and multidisciplinary nature of our programs to enhance professional skills, influence workplace culture, achieve personal and career goals and improve interactions with others.

Courses and Programs


Course Name
A Coach Approach for Enhanced Facilitation (LC612)   
Adult Career Testing (LC303)   
Appreciative Coaching (LC609)   
Appreciative Coaching: The Art of Transformation (SI032)   
Appreciative Inquiry (LC608)   
Assertiveness Training 1 (LC102)   
Assertiveness Training 2: Emotional Intelligence from the Inside Out (LC122)   
Build a Thriving Coaching Career (LC611)   
Canadian University Application Process (LC342)   
Career Flow: A Career Navigation Tool for Professionals (SI031)   
Career Transition Strategies Program (LC306)   
Coaching for Organizational Performance (LC605)   
Coaching Matters: Skills for the Coaching Conversation (LC511)   
Communicating on the Edge: Managing Emotion, Conflict and Change (LC207)   
Conflict Styles Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) (LC322)   
Courageous Conversations for Leaders (LC119)   
Dealing with Difficult People (LC140)   
DiSC® for the Workplace (LC308)   
Emotional Intelligence Assessment (LC301)   
Emotions and Behaviours at Work (LC367)   
Enhanced Post Secondary Testing with Emotional Intelligence (ages 18-25) (LC314)  
EQ for Smart Leadership (LC507)   
EQ: Emotions and Behaviours in the Workplace (LC369)   
Group Leadership and Team Dynamics (LC522)   
High School Vocational Testing (LC300)   
Individual Leadership Coaching (LC365)   
Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) (MC500)   
Leadership Development Package (LC368)  
Life and Career Planning Session (LC350)   
Managing Conflict: Helping Others and Ourselves Manage Conflict Using MBTI® (LC323)   
Mindfulness and Coaching (LC607)   
Mindfulness and Neuroscience (LC731)   
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) (LC302)   
Post Secondary Vocational Testing Package (LC304)   
Preparing Presentations (AW656)  
Relationship-Oriented Coaching Summer Institute (SI104)   
Retirement Success Profile (RSP) (LC305)  
Strategic Conversations and Meetings (AW657)   
The Power of Appreciative Inquiry: Theory and Practice (LC613)   
UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching - Free Information Session (LC601)   
UK University Application Process (LC341)   
University Exploration: Finding the Best-Fit (LC340)   
USA University Application Process (LC343)   
Using Social Media to Build Your Coaching Brand (LC610)   


Organizational Coaching

UBC Certificate Program
The part-time UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching can help you become a UBC Certified Coach and build your capacity as a manager, HR leader, coach or consultant through impactful communication. LEARN MORE