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"I have gained new skills in writing, and in everything from facilitating a meeting to managing my emotions at work, from asserting myself to making powerful requests."
Wilson Poon
Student, UBC Certificate in Professional Communication
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Communicating effectively, whether in an article, a blog post, an email, a presentation, or a business report, requires articulate, polished writing that clearly conveys your message.

If you would like to improve your communication skills at work, get an article published or a film script off the ground, or maintain an already successful publication, our professional writing courses can help you create work that is powerful, clear, and persuasive.

Courses and Programs


Course Name
Business Writing Essentials (AW679)   
Copyediting and Proofreading: Introduction (AW686)   
Copyediting: Advanced (AW687)   
Copywriting: Introduction (AW593)  
Corporate Storytelling (AW651)   
Creative Non-Fiction: Introduction (AW595)  
Film Writing: Intermediate (AW619)   
Film Writing: Introduction (AW508)  
Food and Travel Writing (AW547)   
Freelance Writing: Interviewing (AW813)   
Freelance Writing: Introduction (AW518)  
Freelance Writing: Research (AW807)   
Introduction to Business Writing (AW589)   
Introduction to Technical Writing (SI621)   
Persuasive Business Writing (AW811)   
Plain Language Writing (AW684)   
Preparing Presentations (AW656)  
Report and Business Writing (AW504)  
Scientific Writing (AW109)   
Strategic Conversations and Meetings (AW657)   
Television Show Creation (AW815)   
Television Writing Basics (AW814)   
Television Writing Workshops (AW816)   
The Working Game Writer (AW855)   
Theatre-based Techniques for Professional Presentations (AW810)   
Understanding Story through Narrative Design (AW812)   
Video Game Narrative (AW850)   
Visual Storytelling (AW853)   
World Building (AW852)   
Writing a Business Case (AW809)   
Writing Dialogue for Games (AW851)   
Writing for Content Marketing (AW808)   
Writing for Engineers in the Workplace (AW647)   
Writing Proposals (AW688)   
Writing Under Pressure (AW666)   
Writing Well: Grammar (AW105)  
Writing Well: Style (AW106)  
Writing Your Blog (AW635)   
Writing Your Non-Fiction Book (AW531)   


Game Writing Academy

Develop your writing for interactive media and the game industry with this focused, hands-on, 100% online academy. Get an insider's view into the gaming studio system not found in other programs. Learn the writing and production processes used in game creation from an industry veteran, and understand the writer’s role on a game development team. LEARN MORE

Professional Communication

UBC Certificate Program
The UBC Certificate in Professional Communication provides you with a toolkit of writing skills and strategies to help you communicate more effectively. LEARN MORE