Communicating is about putting ideas together to create meaning, whether it involves telling stories through data, images, or prose; crafting a poem, song, or blog post; or simply inviting a friend to meet for dinner.

Clear, clean, and creative writing, whether it’s for school, for work, or for a broader audience, can lead to better grades, improved business results, and more opportunities to engage your readers.

Our Writing Centre offers in-class or 100% online academic, creative, and professional writing courses year-round for adults and high school students. Register now to take your writing to the next level.

Courses and Programs


Course Name
Business Writing Essentials (AW679)   
Copyediting and Proofreading: Introduction (AW686)   
Copywriting (AW593)   
Corporate Storytelling (AW651)   
Creating Characters (AW667)   
Creating Children's Books (AW519)   
Creative Non-Fiction: Introduction (AW595)   
Creative Writing for High School Students (AW645)   
Creative Writing: Advanced (AW607)   
Creative Writing: Introduction (AW601)  
Fantasy Fiction (AW854)   
Fiction: Crafting Dialogue (AW670)  
Fiction: Creating Settings (AW693)   
Fiction: Examining and Using Story Structure (AW698)   
Fiction: Plotting a Narrative (AW669)   
Fiction: Writing from Experience (AW566)   
Film and Television: Documentaries (AW800)   
Film Writing: Intermediate (AW619)  
Film Writing: Introduction (AW508)  
Food and Travel Writing (AW547)  
Food Writing (AW636)   
Free Workshop: Creating a Writing Group (AW803)   
Freelance Writing: Advanced (AW573)  
Freelance Writing: Introduction (AW518)  
French Academic Writing for High School Students (SI805)   
Fundamentals of Great Writing (AW556)  
Game Writing Academy Launch Event (AW856)   
Grammar Boot Camp (AW115)   
Incorporating Statistics and Graphs (AW689)   
Introduction to Business Writing (AW589)  
Novel: Advanced (AW620)  
Novel: How to Plan Your Novel (AW673)   
Novel: Intermediate (AW580)   
Novel: Introduction (AW577)  
Novel: The NaNoWriMo Challenge (AW624)   
One-Day Workshop: Trade Secrets of Publishing (AW597)   
One-Day Workshop: Writing University Admission Essays (AW665)   
Plain Language Writing (AW684)   
Playwriting: Introduction (AW801)   
Poetry: Introduction (AW554)   
Preparing Presentations (AW656)  
Presenting Yourself as an Author (AW538)   
Professional Writing for High School Students (AW674)   
Report and Business Writing (AW504)  
Scientific Writing (AW109)  
Sequential Visual Narrative (AW853)   
Short Fiction: Introduction (AW555)  
Strategic Conversations and Meetings (AW657)   
Summer Institute: Academic Writing for High School Students (SI501)   
Summer Institute: Archetypal Autobiography and Memoir (SI613)   
Summer Institute: Beginning Your Project (SI622)   
Summer Institute: Creative Non-Fiction with Mandy Catron (SI615)   
Summer Institute: Creative Writing for High School Students (SI606)   
Summer Institute: Fantasy Writing for High School Students (SI616)   
Summer Institute: Introduction to Technical Writing (SI621)   
Summer Institute: Journal Writing Special Topics: Marion Woodman - 30 Years Later (SI625)   
Summer Institute: Managing and Staying Motivated on Your Project (SI623)   
Summer Institute: Revising Your Project (SI624)   
Summer Institute: The Elements of Crime Writing with William Deverell (SI610)   
Summer Institute: Writing Historical Fiction (SI612)   
Summer Institute: Writing Historical Fiction Advanced (SI620)   
Television Writing: Introduction (AW802)   
UBC Tutoring: Subject Coaching for Students in Grades 6-12 (AW250)   
University Writing (AW110)   
Video Game Narrative (AW850)   
World Building (AW852)   
Writing 098: Preparation for University Writing and the LPI (AW098)  
Writing 099: Advanced Composition (AW099)  
Writing a Non-Fiction Book (AW531)   
Writing a Spec Script for Television (AW616)   
Writing Dialogue for Games (AW851)   
Writing for Engineers in the Workplace (AW647)   
Writing for Graduate Students (AW107)  
Writing for Stage Performance (AW671)   
Writing for Wellness (AW677)   
Writing for Young Adults: Introduction (AW628)  
Writing Proposals (AW688)   
Writing the Second Draft (AW625)   
Writing Under Pressure (AW666)   
Writing Well: Grammar (AW105)  
Writing Well: Style (AW106)  
Writing Your Blog (AW635)   
Writing Your Life's Story (AW536)   


Creative Writing

UBC Award of Achievement Program
The UBC Award of Achievement in Creative Writing teaches you creative writing and narrative theory and gives you the chance to explore various genres of creative writing while honing your skills for publication or creating a portfolio for applying to an MFA program. LEARN MORE

Game Writing Academy

Develop your writing for interactive media and the game industry with this focused, hands-on, 100% online academy. LEARN MORE

Professional Communication

UBC Certificate Program
The UBC Certificate in Professional Communication provides you with a toolkit of writing skills and strategies to help you communicate more effectively. LEARN MORE


UBC Award of Achievement Program
The UBC Award of Achievement in Tutoring is a part-time program which gives you an introduction to tutoring methodology and develops your existing knowledge to help you become a more skilled and successful tutor. LEARN MORE